Week 1

Objective - To demarcate sentences accurately using capital letters and full stops.

Weekly plans

Preparation required

Session 1

Make copies of Sheets 1A and 1B for each child.

Choose a passage from sheets 1C-1 to 1C-4 and make a copy for each child

Find green and red pencil crayons for each child

Read Sentence Laboratory game instructions

Print out Talk it - Write it - Check it flashcards

Either arrange for a PC or laptop to play Sentence Laboratory on (you can make do without an IWB and projector with such a small group)


Print out stimuli cards (Stimuli1, Stimuli2, Stimuli 3, Stimuli 4) or find real objects, photos, pictures etc of your own choice.

Session 2

Read Sentence Laboratory game instructions

Session 3

Make a copy for each child of the passage from sheets 1D-1 - 1D-4 that matches the passage chosen from sheet 1C in Session 1.

Make a copy of Sheet 1E for each child

Use the same Sentence Laboratory resources as in Session 1.