This is an intervention aimed at supporting children with sentence structure. It is designed for Y5 children but could be adapted to suit other year groups. It specifically focusses on AF5 and AF6 and aims to move children towards a secure level 3 in each of these AFs.


The intervention lasts for 6 weeks. There are 3 sessions per week.

Session 1 - 15-20 mins - Small group - Teaching Assistant

Session 2 - 15-20 mins - Whole class - Teacher

Session 3 - 15-20 mins - Small group - Teaching Assistant

Preparation Before the Intervention

You may wish to print out these things:

Main Booklet - including weekly plans, flashcards, worksheets etc

Teachers Pack - filling them in on what they will have to do.

You may also wish to print out some of the stimuli cards Stimuli1, Stimuli2, Stimuli 3, Stimuli 4 or alternatively you may wish to find pictures, photos and objects of your own that could be used to inspire children to write. You could link these to work being done in other curriculum areas.

Click on the Weekly tabs above to find out what needs to be prepared for particular sessions in particular weeks.

Identifying Children For The Intervention

Identify children who are working around about Level 2A. Also, look at the most recent optional writing SAT question level data. Look at the Strands for Sentence Structure and Punctuation. Identify children who may have a particular difficulty in this area, even though they may have achieved higher than 2A overall. In general, if children have significant difficulties with reading, it would be helpful to address their reading problems before giving them this intervention.


Carry out the both the assessments before and after the intervention. This will enable you to analyse any differences that the intervention has made.

1) Sentence Assessment - This assessment only takes 5 or 10 minutes for children to complete independently. It will indicate the specific areas that children have difficulties in

Sentence Assessment (Mark sheet)

Sentence Assessment (Group recording sheet)

2) What I think about writing - This will show children's attitudes to writing. You may wish to carry this out as 1:1 interviews with each child and scribe their answers yourself.


All feedback will be very gratefully received and will help us to improve the intervention in the future.