Games that can be used for whole class teaching of sentence level objectives. They lend themselves to 15 minute sessions.

These games have not been thoroughly tested yet. Apologies for any glitches and bugs.

Sentence laboratory - Experiment with writing sentences when given 1, 2 or 3 starting words. The 1 and 2 word games are good for reinforcing the use of capital letters and full stops. The 3 word option gives you the opportunity to work on the accurate use of conjunctions.

Instructions for playing with a whole class (Word)

Sentence doctor - Look at a sentence that has something wrong with it. Discuss what is wrong with it and how you could put it right. Click the diagnosis button to find out whether you were right.

Instructions for playing with a whole class (Word)

Sentence magic - Take a very basic sentence and play around with it in various different ways.

Clauses and connectives - Definitions and examples of different kinds of clauses and how they can be connected together.

Dropping in - Experiment with dropping clauses into the middle of sentences to make them even more descriptive.

Sentence Games