The KS2 Phonics and Spelling Document is an attempt to bring the best bits of information from a range of documents together into one place. Hopefully it will be a helpful starting point for planning. It is a working document that keeps evolving. Apologies for any errors that you may find.

KS2 Phonics & Spelling Document (click here)

At the moment there is no official document from the DfES to support KS2 teachers in knowing what phonics they should be teaching and when. An official document should be coming out some time in the next year. Until then there are a few documents that you can turn to for advice but unfortunately they don't quite agree with each other all the time. In addition, only Letters and Sounds has been published after the Rose Report therefore all the others are a bit of date in terms of phonics teaching.

These documents include:

The New Literacy Framework

Spelling Bank

Y2/3 Planning Exemplification and Spelling Programme

Letters and Sounds

Other documents that also contain useful advice and ideas for teaching phonics and spelling are:

Year 3 Literacy Support Programme

Key Stage 3 Literacy Progress Unit (Phonics)

Key Stage 3 Literacy Progress Unit (Spelling)