Alternative pronunciations for graphemes

y yes by very gym

y Alternative Pronunciation

ch chin school chef

ch Alternative Pronunciation

ou out shoulder could you

ou Alternative Pronunciation

u but put (south)

u Alternative Pronunciation

a hat what acorn path (south)

a Alternative Pronunciation

Tricky words for reading:

Tricky word activity - water, where, who, again

Tricky word activity - though, through, work, mouse, many

Tricky word activity - laughed, because, different, any

Tricky word activity - eyes, friends, once, please

Tricky words for spelling:

little, one, do, when, what, out


These activities are designed to cover the Teach - Practise - Apply sections of the 15 minute phonics session. You will need to spend a couple of minutes revisiting or reviewing first. This could be GPC flashcards or Quickwrite graphemes (you say a phoneme, the children write it on whiteboards) or you may want to revisit bits from weeks 1-4..

It is important that phonics is fast (15 minutes) and includes all the elements of the teaching sequence. If these activities are taking too long then whizz through some bits quickly. There is no need for long explanations. Don't let it get dull.

These files are all Powerpoints.

Phase 5 Resources Wk 5-7