Any children who are working at a phonic phase below that at which the whole class are being taught will need a focussed phonic intervention.

This should be 15 minutes per day.

Teaching should be FAST FUN & SYSTEMATIC

If TAs are to deliver this, they will benefit from training.

Identifying children

See the assessment pages for more information on determining what phase children are working on.

These assessment sheets may be helpful before and after interventions.

Assessments Phase 2

Assessment sheet - Phase 2

Flashcards for Assessment - Phase 2

Assessments Phase 3

Assessment sheet - Phase 3

Flashcards for Assessment - Phase 3

Assessments Phase 4

Assessment sheet - Phase 4

Flashcards for Assessment - Phase 4

Daily Plans - These plans are taken from Letters and Sounds. They are simply the weekly overviews converted into daily plans for each week of the intervention.

Phase 2 Daily Plans - New updated plans for the whole of Phase 2.

Initial Sounds Picture Cards for Phase 2 Wk 2

Caption Picture Cards for Phase 2 Wk 4

You will also need picture cards for each set of letters in Phase 2 Set 1-6 Click Here

Phase 3 Daily Plans

Picture Cards For Phase 3 Wk6

Seaside Scene For Phase 3 Wk9

Woodland Scene For Phase 3 Wk9

Farmyard Scene For Phase 3 Wk10

Town Scene For Phase 3 Wk11

Phase 4 Daily Plans

Phase 5a Daily Plans

Weekly Ongoing Assessment Sheets

Weekly Assessment - Phase 4

Weekly Assessment - Phases 2 & 3