See Letters and Sounds for detailed instructions on how to play loads of different games for these phases.

Interactive Whiteboard Games

Once you have saved these games it should be fairly straight forward to alter them to includethe letters or words that you need for any given day.

Sentence Substitution Phase 3 (Flash)

Sentence Substitution Phase 4 (Flash)

Soundbuttons Phase 2 (Powerpoint)

Soundbuttons (Powerpoint)

Countdown (Smart Notes)

Buried Treasure Phase 2 (Powerpoint)

Buried Treasure (Powerpoint)

Picture Cards

These can be really useful to support children working at the early phases to work independently in the literacy hour. E.g. get them to play Snap or Pelmanism, ask them to write captions to go with the pictures, or get the children to match the pictures to captions that have already been written.

Phase 2

Set 1 Picture Cards

Set 2 Picture Cards

Set 3 Picture Cards

Set 4 Picture Cards

Set 5 Picture Cards

Phase 3

Set 6 Picture Cards

Consonant Digraphs

Vowel Digraphs - this isn't complete but there are some there as a start.

Scene Pictures for the end of Phase 3 - these can be used for writing labels or captions. For sentence ideas see p103-104 in Letters and Sounds

Woodland Scene

Farmyard Scence

Seaside Scene

Town Scene

Phase 4


Coming Soon

Digraph Cards

Magnetic letters (including attached digraphs) are incredibly useful for teaching at these phases. If you don't have any, these grapheme cards can be printed out and laminated as an alternative.

Consonant Grapheme Cards

Vowel Grapheme Cards

Consonant Digraph Grapheme Cards

Vowel Digraph Grapheme Cards

Resources for Phases 1, 2, 3, 4