Useful Assessments

Unaided writing assessment

For younger children orally teach a nursery rhyme every day for a week then get them to write it - this removes the pressure of composition.

For older children you can use any sample of unaided writing. However, if all the children write out the same nursery rhyme or poem it can make looking for evidence a much quicker process.

Unaided writing assessment - The pond (pdf)

Evidence for different phases - The pond (pdf)

Unaided writing assessment - The rocket (pdf)

Evidence for different phases - The rocket (pdf)

Look through each child's writing and establish which phase they are working at.

Class Recording Sheet (Word)

Whole School Recording Grid (Excel)

Decoding assessment (Alien words)

See Letters and Sounds appendix

Or use this older version which includes trickier words and so may be more useful for KS2

Alien decoding assessment

Blending and segmenting assessments

See Letters and Sounds appendix

Oral Blending and Segmenting Assessment Sheet

GPC assessment

See Letters and Sounds appendix

GPC Assessment Sheet

GPC Assessment Flashcards 1

GPC Assessment Flashcards 2