Phonics teaching in Foundation Stage and KS1 classrooms is currently undergoing a revolution that is having an incredible effect on children's learning.

Children who are currently in KS2 have just missed out on this revolution. As a result, there is a clear need to give children in KS2 access to some of the high quality phonics teaching that the Rose Report has recommended.

This website contains ideas, planning and resources to help KS2 teachers to teach phonics. It also gives ideas on how to use phonics as a tool for supporting the development of more advanced KS2 reading and spelling skills.

A new sentence level intervention for Year 5 children currently being tried out in some Brighton and Hove schools. New website with interactive phonics games for all the phases

Whole class sentence level games

Powerpoint presentations from KS2 Phonics Course Mon 11th June 2007

Introduction to KS2 Phonics Staff Meetings 10th & 17th October 2007

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